Allan Deas is an award winning illustrator & designer based in Barcelona, Spain. With more than twenty years experience in the creative industries he has worked for a wide selection of international clients across many areas for brands such as Twinings, Vodafone, Waitrose, National Geographic & Karl Lagerfeld. He has exhibited in major cities around the world & is always on the lookout for new exciting projects!
Originally from Scotland, where he grew up and studied, Allan takes his inspiration from many things including travel, vintage packaging, posters, books & TV shows of his childhood in the 70s & 80s. His authentic style sees a variety of influences twist together in a cocktail of colourful detail, charming characters & a quirky sense of humour which bring his work to life in a way that’s hard not to bring a smile to the viewer’s face!

After graduating with a degree in illustration, printmaking & photography, Allan moved to London where he worked for many years as a graphic designer in the fashion industry before also turning his hand to professional illustration in around 2006 & has since enjoyed an excellent response to his style & creations. In addition to London, he also lived in Paris for a few years as well as a stints in Düsseldorf & Rome, all adding to his diverse experience & inspiration. Allan currently lives & works in Barcelona, Spain where he speaks excellent "Spanglish"!!
Allan has most recently won an award in the Applied Arts Illustration awards 2023, a merit award in the 3x3 illustration awards 2022 & the Gold Medal for commercial illustration in the iJungle illustration awards 2021. In addition he has also been recognised by The World Illustration Awards & Communication Arts illustration Awards being both long listed & shortlisted several more times. His work has also featured in many design books from publishers including Gestalten, Victionary, Collins, Sandu & IdN. Allan continues to split his time between personal & commercial illustration along with other design projects & is always on the look out for new and exciting challenges, consistently aiming to tackle any assignment with professionalism, passion & a keen eye for detail.

Allan is a member of the Association of Illustrators.

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