A double page spread I created for creatively focused publication, Amelia's magazine. The theme was 'a positive future' looking towards an idealistic greener view of a future with no pollution, minimal carbon emissions etc. I also had to write a small 'prediction' (which you can read below ) to support the illustration. Keep in mind this was written back in 2008 before the proper advent of iPhones or smart phones or working from home zoom calls so I predicted a couple things right anyway! Let's hope this kid of utopia can still exist in 35 or so years time!
A Positive Future
by Allan Deas ( c.2008 )

The future city of 2058 is pretty much 100% carbon neutral. Advances in technology and science give way to a greener, fresher city at one with mother nature. Most people work from home via internet video conference so there is less need to travel. Inner city transport is via electric monorail and further afield is reached by a new form of air based travel – the oxyship – based on the airship but feeding from the abundance of oxygen produced by the increase in plant-life on the planet.

The abolishment of petrol driven vehicles leaves masses of open space on antique and unused roads which have become new orchards for home-grown produce...

Temperatures have risen due to the global warming of the early 21st century, but these warmer climes allow the growth of useful trees and crops for both culinary and medical purposes.

Energy is harnessed from the sun via solar panels on buildings, from the wind via wind turbines and via rain generators present on most buildings. The latter are also used to water the orchards and produce domestic drinking water after being filtered in local generators. Excess rainwater is stored in reservoirs with natural looking waterfalls which also generate power.

Wildlife lives freely with humans and buildings are naturally insulated with moss, grass and lichen. Each home has its own harvest terrace or vegetable garden, allowing occupants of the city to easily harvest their own food. Technology embraces nature in the the city 50 years from now... but kids will always yearn for gadgets... these two have up-to-the minute video  T-pods which can access telephone, TV, music, the web and even school lessons via the telepathic internet!