As part of the ‘36 Days of Type’ - an Instagram based design challenge run in association with Adobe, where participants should create & post a different letter of the alphabet for each day of the design challenge. I created several styles of alphabet. Here are some highlights.
Leisure Time - A colourful set based on hobbies and fun activities with hands and feet making up the forms.
P is for Practicing Pilates Poses Perfectly with a Pencil! Possibly Procrastinating...
Q is for Quietly Quirky... Quizzical Questioning & Querying Quarantine!
R is for Retro Rollerskating Relentlessly & Repeatedly Renovating
Nautical Cocktails - Inspired by all things marine, these cocktails are as fresh as the sea breeze!
M is for Mermaid Martini... Mmmm!
N is for Nautical Negroni, Naughty but Nice!
O is for Oceanic Orgasm, Outrageously Opulent... Oh my!
Nether Regions - Basically an alphabet made from the groin area! Pants, zips, short & curlies & not much modesty!
Y is for Yesterday's Y-fronts Yuk! ( or Yum? ) YOLO!
Z is for Zealous Zipper... Zesty
Number 0 ( Naught ) - Naughty but Nice - Nothing to see here... Nada, Zero, Zilch!
Hairstyles - Fancy hairstyles adorning these beauties creating the letterforms for this 'hairbrained' collection!
G is for Girl, maybe Goddess? - with Glorious Green hair. Goodness Gracious me!
H is for Huge, Hilarious, Honey Hued Hairstyle - Harmfully Heavy However... Ha Ha Ha!
I is for Incredibly Interesting Identity, Inventive & Inspiring Indigo Individual. Ironically Illusive...
Characters - These chunky letters filled with a lot of detail, character & fun!
A is for Acoustic, Audio, Aeroplane & Amusing Amigos!
B is for Botanical, Biology, Beards & Bohemian Beauties!
C is for Confectionery, Cake, Chocolate & Candy. Consuming Copiously!
Sceneic - The letterforms taking centre stage as objects within their own retrospective scenes.
S is for Surprisingly Superfluous Submarine... Sur la mer! & Sergent Pepper's lonely hearts club band!
T is for Theological Telephone box... in a Terrific Town.
U is for Ultrasonic UFO Unearthing Unknown Universes!