Waitrose commissioned me to illustrate this fun piece for their Waitrose Weekend publication. Meet Chef Watson, a super computer that combines ingredients for unusual but ‘supposedly’ pleasing food pairings. Input your ingredients, countries /cuisines & this supercomputer does the rest coming up with unusual recipes to tantalise the tastebuds.
It made me think of the Natalie Merchant song ' Bleezer’s Ice-Cream' with the crazy ice cream flavours such as "cocoa mocha macaroni, chicken cherry honeydew, lobster litchi lima bean, almond ham meringue salami, chocolate chop suey cluster or cotton candy carrot custard"! Anyone?- ! Oh - and he actually does exist made by IBM he is in Beta testing though doesn’t look like my interpretation though it was fun to come up with a quirky way he could look in another universe!
I also crated some food themes spot illustrations to accompany the project. Just waiting to be combined... seafood and berries or perhaps Chocolate, chicken bananas? - Anyone?

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