"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away..." So what better way to cheer you up than a pork scratching advent calendar?! The Snaffling Pig Co. & We Launch approached me to work on this fun, festive project. The advent calendar contained a different mini bag of the snack companies' snacks in a perfect portion size bag for every day of December on the run up to Christmas.
The brief was to depict a jovial house at Christmas time filling it with joy, parties and all the festive activities you'd find at home at this time of year. I came up with the idea of a cut away house showing all the different rooms with their own little stories. The Snaffling Pig Co. who specialise in pork scratching treats also produce a number of other tasty snacks, sauces and brews. If you look closely the products can be found dotted about the image among the friends and family celebrating. Ho ho hope you like it!
As it's another pretty busy piece here are some close up detailed shots of the full design... Spot The Snaffling Pig Co. products dotted about the illustration a long with all the Christmas party shenanigans.