I created these festive characters for a range of Christmas cards. Each character with a different wintery & Christmas themed hat from left to right: 1. Wooly Jumper and blown glass ornaments. 2. Candy canes, gingerbread house & men. 3. Christmas village & sledging. 4.Nutcracker & tin soldier. 5. Santas delivery. 6. Christmas dinner. 
These candy coated illustrations were inspired by vintage Christmas decorations from the 60s & 70s & Phil Spector type Christmas songs & all the old tastefully tacky record covers that I remember rediscovering every festive season -  back in the days before spotify! 
The designs are available as a set of limited edition luxury art cards as well as editions of A4 & A3 art prints - each design an edition of 100 signed and numbered. They will be available to buy from my shop.

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