Commission to create five stereotypical characters to Illustrate the article 'What Type of Traveller are You?' for National Geographic Traveller magazine. From luxury to adventure & spontaneous to culture vulture, everyone has a tourist type. Can you spot yours?
Where do you fit into today’s travel scene? Are you a committed family traveller who never leaves home without an iPad for each child? A cultural traveller, booking early & never more than two holidays from your next trip to Italy? Perhaps you’re an intrepid adventure-seeker, who always packs a GoPro camera; or a spontaneous jet-setter, scouring the web for last-minute deals. Exactly what kind of traveller are you?
Adventure Traveller - Modern day Shackletons likely under 40, curious & comfortable booking solo trips. Postcards are out, replaced by instagram stories. These thrill seekers always pack a GoPro camera for POV filming. Looking to find adventures in 'off the beaten track' areas to score off their bucket lists.
Family Traveller - They may be travelling together but the ones calling the shots are aged 3 to 15. In their minds the trip is planned with military precision the reality isn’t always the case! Never leaves home without an iPad for every child plus a portable chargepack for those trips to the Med. Destinations usually include beach locations with activities to keep the little ones occupied whilst they ‘try’ to relax.
Luxury Traveller - First-class all the way  to ‘design’ boltholes or delux lodges they always have the travel concierge on speed dial. Upscale luxury destinations with five star plus facilities are the destination. Always looking for that bespoke experience to show off to their friends. Their trips will not be cheap but then again, for them money isn’t a problem!
Cultural Traveller - To the cultural traveller experiences are valued as highly as the classic sights - which of course still feature heavily - wether cooking in a Tuscan kitchen or a street-art walk in Rio. Always carefully prepares & plans every trip with precision & most in this traditional market are in their 60s with plenty of time to do so.
Spontanious Traveler - Always signed up to apps & travel deal emails this traveller loves a last minute weekend city-break to Paris or New York. They jet off whenever the mood takes them usually booking on their smartphone impulsively. Probably of the millennial generation their boarding pass, hotel reservations & last minute theatre tickets will all be stored on your smartphone for ease.

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