A commission for Waitrose Weekly based on a forecast of 2016 by Lynne Truss. The brief was to illustrate her predictions of the coming year combining real life events & humorous far fetched, fictional trends including an unexpected Tudor food craze that lasts some time. The piece was to centre around a Tudor banquet with the various celebrities as guests & other references to events mixed in to the feast.
The illustration was to feature celebrities such as historian & presenter David Starkey who allegedly kicks off the years food trend with his Tudor cookbook. It was a good chance to get to work on some 'likenesses' in my style. Other 'guests' at the banquet include - Jeremy Corbin, David Cameron, Shakespeare & Charlotte Bronte, Joanna Lumley ( obviously depicted as Patsy from Ab Fab! ) Allen Ginsberg, Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood & Hilary Clinton.
Real events over the year combined with the imagined Tudor food trend and banquet included the Rio Olympics, anniversary of Shakespeare's death overshadowing the anniversary of Bronte's birth. The anniversary of the battle of the Somme, Joanna Lumley turning 70, World Cup and various other sporting events,  popular TV shows, 'Strictly' & ' The Great British Bakeoff', US Presidential elections, finally the year ending with the Tudor trend over and a new Peruvian one beginning!